Geology II - Syllabus

Embark on a profound academic exploration as you delve into the Geology II course () within the distinguished Tribhuvan university's CSIT department. Aligned with the 2065 Syllabus, this course (GEO-158) seamlessly merges theoretical frameworks with practical sessions, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the subject. Rigorous assessment based on a 60+20+20 marks system, coupled with a challenging passing threshold of , propels students to strive for excellence, fostering a deeper grasp of the course content.

This 3 credit-hour journey unfolds as a holistic learning experience, bridging theory and application. Beyond theoretical comprehension, students actively engage in practical sessions, acquiring valuable skills for real-world scenarios. Immerse yourself in this well-structured course, where each element, from the course description to interactive sessions, is meticulously crafted to shape a well-rounded and insightful academic experience.

Course Synopsis: Fundamental concepts of contemporary earth and environmental science and engineering with increasing computer application.
Goal: It aims at providing students with the knowledge Earth and environmental science and engineering


Unit 1

1.1 Bed load transport: mechanics and database structures.

1.2 Surface run-off: patterns and database structures

Unit 2

2.1 hill slope stability: mechanics, Finite Difference Method and Finite Element Method analysis

2.2 Underground excavation: roof control and database structures

Unit 3

3.1 Groundwater flow: aquifers, flow modeling and exploitation of groundwater.

3.2 Stream flow: hydrographs, time series and flood forecast techniques.

Unit 4

4.1 Sediment routings; reservoir sedimentation mechanisms and routing.

4.2 Hydrological routing: reservoir and channel routing          

4.3 Universal soil Loss Equation (USLE); Components, calculations and conclusions.