Software Engineering - Old Questions

1. Explain the software engineering and its role in Nation Development.

6 marks | Asked in 2068(II)

Software Engineering is an engineering discipline that is concerned with all aspects of software production from system specification through to maintenance. Software engineering includes activities such as software specification, software designing, software development, software validation, software deployment, software evolution. It is concerned with practicalities of developing and delivering useful software. Software engineering is not just concerned with technical process of software development but also includes activities such as software project management and the development of tools, methods and theories to support software production.

Software engineering is important for two reasons;

  • More and more individuals and society rely on advanced software system. We need to be able to produce reliable and trustworthy system economically and quickly.
  • It is usually cheaper in the long run to use software engineering methods, and techniques for software system rather than just write program as if it was a personal programming project.

National infrastructures and utilities are controlled by computer-based systems. We live in a world that is driven by IT. Software is a relatively low-investment, Eco-friendly, high growth global industry, a good target growth for industry for many countries. Every software exporting country have evolved a unique industry, shaped by its own resources and situation and by the particular global opportunities presented at the time. The world has moved from agricultural, industrial and post industrialization to the era of globalization and liberalization of a country. Hence information assets are seen as the key driver for economic growth, competitiveness, and business improvement. Software arena is a key strategic resume for value creation in an economy, intellectual capital and investment opportunity. Software development serves as vehicle for implementing responsive transparent start, a supportive business environment, enhanced learning environment, effective social program.