Software Engineering - Old Questions

1. Explain the software and it's characteristics.

6 marks | Asked in 2069

Software is an organized collection of computer programs and associated documentation. A software system consist of a number of several programs, configuration files which are used to set of these programs and system documentations which describe the structure of system and user documentation which explain how to use the software.

Characteristics of software:

 Functionality: Refers to the degree of performance of the software against its intended purpose.

• Reliability: Refers to the ability of the software to provide desired functionality under the given conditions.

• Usability: Refers to the extent to which the software can be used with ease.

• Efficiency: Refers to the ability of the software to use system resources in the most effective and efficient manner.

• Maintainability: Refers to the ease with which the modifications can be made in a software system to extend its functionality, improve its performance, or correct errors.

• Portability: Refers to the ease with which software developers can transfer software from one platform to another, without (or with minimum) changes.