Application Security #

Application security is one of the critical success factors for a world-class SaaS company. This is where the security features and requirements are defined and application security test results are reviewed. Application security processes, secure coding guidelines, training, and testing scripts and tools are typically a collaborative effort between the security and the development teams. Although product engineering will likely focus on the application layer, the security design of the application itself, and the infrastructure layers interacting with the application, the security team should provide the security requirements for the product development engineers to implement. This should be a collaborative effort between the security and product development team. External penetration testers are used for application source code reviews, and attack and penetration tests provide an objective review of the security of the application as well as assurance to customers that attack and penetration tests are performed regularly. Fragmented and undefined collaboration on application security can result in lower-quality design, coding efforts, and testing results.

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