Network Security(network) Syllabus

This page contains Syllabus of Network Security of CSIT.

Title Network Security
Short Name network
Course code CSC416
Nature of course Theory + Lab
Seventh Semester
Full marks 60 + 20 + 20
Pass marks 24 + 8 + 8
Credit Hrs 3
Elective/Compulsary Elective

Course Description

Course Description:

This course covers the fundamental concepts of network security protocols, wireless security concepts, basics of security in cloud and IoT.

Course Objectives:

The main objective of this course is to provide knowledge of network security so that students will be able to implement a secure network architecture using different security protocols and technologies

Units and Unit Content

1. Computer Network Security Fundamentals
teaching hours: 3 hrs

1.1. Introduction

1.2. Securing the Computer Network

1.3. Forms of Protection

1.4. Security Standards

2. User Authentication
teaching hours: 4 hrs

2.1. Remote User-Authentication Principles

2.2. Remote User-Authentication Using Symmetric Encryption

2.3. Remote User-Authentication Using Asymmetric Encryption

2.4. Federated Identity Management

3. Transport Level Security
teaching hours: 6 hrs

3.1. Web Security

3.2. Transport Layer Security (TLS)

3.3. HTTPS

3.4. Secure Shell (SSH)

4. Wireless Network Security
teaching hours: 6 hrs

4.1. Wireless Security

4.2. Mobile Device Security

4.3. IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN Overview

4.4. IEEE 802.11i Wireless LAN Security

5. Electronic Mail Security
teaching hours: 8 hrs

5.1. Internet Mail Architecture

5.2. E-mail Formats

5.3. Email Threats and Comprehensive Email Security

5.4. S/MIME

5.5. Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)


5.7. DNS-Based Authentication of Named Entities

5.8. Sender Policy Framework

5.9. Domain Keys Identified Mail

5.10. Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance

6. IP Security
teaching hours: 6 hrs

6.1. IP Security Overview

6.2. IP Security Policy

6.3. Authentication Header

6.4. Encapsulating Security Payload

6.5. Security Associations

6.6. Internet Key Exchange

7. Network Endpoint Security
teaching hours: 5 hrs

7.1. Firewalls

7.2. Intrusion Detection System

7.3. Malicious Software

7.4. Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

8. Cloud and Internet of Things (IOT) Security
teaching hours: 7 hrs

8.1. Cloud Computing

8.2. Cloud Security Concepts

8.3. Cloud Security Risks and Countermeasures

8.4. Cloud Security as a Service

8.5. Open-source Cloud Security Module

8.6. Internet of Things (IoT)

8.7. IoT Security Concepts and Objectives

8.8. Open-source IoT Security Module

Lab and Practical works

Laboratory Works:

The laboratory work includes implementation and simulation of Network Security Protocols, Intrusion Detection Systems, DDoS Attacks, Cloud Security and IoT Security Systems.