Probability & Statistics Text & Reference books

Text and Recommended books

This page contains Text and Recommended books of Probability & Statistics of BCA. You can download books. Click on Get this book to download books.

Text books & references

Text Books

1. Mukhopadhyay P. "Theory and Methods of Survey Sampling". Prentice Hall of India, New Delhi, 1998.

2. Sheldon M. Ross, "Introduction to Probability and Statistics fir Engineers and Scientists". 3"' Edition, India, .A.cadenaiclress, 2005.

Reference Books 

1. Cochran     "Sampling Techniques", Ord eaqi.on, John Wiley -and Sons. Inc.New York, 1977.

2. Hoggg & Tanis, "Probability and Statistical Inference", 6th edition, First Indian Reprint, 2002

3. Montgomery Douglas C., "Design and Analysis of Experiments", 5th edition, John  Wiley & Sons Inc., 2001.

4. Upadhayay, H. P., Paudel, & et al, "Elements of Business- Mathematics", Pinnacle Publication.