Data Analysis and Visualization Syllabus

This page contains Syllabus of Data Analysis and Visualization of BCA.

Title Data Analysis and Visualization
Short Name
Course code CACS455
Nature of course Theory + Practical
Eighth Semester
Full marks 60
Pass marks 24
Credit Hrs 3
Elective/Compulsary Elective

Course Description

Course Description
This course introduces to extend student's knowledge and practice in data analysis and visualization, software, and applications. It provides the board overview of techniques of the visualization process, detailed view of visual perception, the visualized data and the actual visualization, interaction and distorting techniques.
Course objectives
Upon completion of this course, students should be able to 1. Explain the concept of visualization in the processing and analysis of data. 2. Develop visualization methods and visualization systems using software applications. 3. Perform creative work in the field of visualization.