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Text and Recommended books

This page contains Text and Recommended books of Automation and Robotics of CSIT. You can download books. Click on Get this book to download books.

Text books & references

Text Books:

1. Mikell P. Weiss G.M., Nagel R.N., Odraj N.G., Industrial Robotics, McGraw Hill.

2. Ghosh, Control in Robotics and Automation: Sensor Based Integration, Allied Publishers.


1. Jain K.C. and Aggarwal B.E., Robotics – Principles and Practice, Khanna Publishers

2. Schuler, C.A. and McNamee, W.L. Modern Industrial Electronics, Macmillan/McGraw-Hill

3. Klafter R.D., Chimielewski T.A., Negin M., Robotic Engineering – An Integrated Approach, Prentice Hall of India.

4. Deb.S.R., Robotics Technology and Flexible Automation, John Wiley, USA 1992.

5. Asfahl C.R., Robots and Manufacturing Automation, John Wiley, USA 1992

6. Mc Kerrow P.J. Introduction to Robotics, Addison Wesley, USA, 1991.

7. Issac Asimov I. Robot, Ballantine Books, New York, 1986.