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Text and Recommended books

This page contains Text and Recommended books of Distributed and Object Oriented Database of CSIT. You can download books. Click on Get this book to download books.

Text books & references

Reference Book:

1. Principles of Distributed Database Systems; Ozsu, M. Tamer and Patrick

Valduriez. Pearson Education. Get this book

2. Object Oriented Database System – Approaches and Architectures ; C.S.R.

Prabhu, PHI 

3. Silberschatz,Abraham, Henry F. Korth and S. Sudarshan: Database System

Concepts; McGrawHill International Edition.Get this book

4. Gerald V. Post: Database Management System – McGraw Hill International

Edition.Get this book

5. Peter Rob, Carlos Coronnel: Database Systems – Design, Implementation and

Management; Course Technology. Get this book

6. R.Cattel: "Object Data management",(1993),Addison-Wesley