This page contains Syllabus of Multimedia Database of CSIT.

Title Multimedia Database
Short Name
Course code CSC456
Nature of course Theory + Lab
Semester eighth-semester
Full marks 60+20+20
Pass marks 24 + 8 + 8
Credit Hrs 3
Elective/Compulsary Elective

Course Description

Course Synopsis: Advanced aspects of multimedia database, indexing and retrieval

Goal: To study advanced aspects of indexing, storage device, retrieval of multimedia

information encompassing the principles, research results and commercial application of

the current technologies.

Units and Unit Content

1. Multimedia introduction
teaching hours: 3 hrs

Introduction to multimedia databases, issues related to multimedia data types, media types, text

document information retrieval, indexing

2. Multimedia Data types and formats
teaching hours: 3 hrs

Text, vector graphics and animation, digital images and digital video, major characteristics and

requirements of multimedia data and applications

3. Multimedia database design issues
teaching hours: 2 hrs

MIRS architecture, data models and user interface, User Interface design and feature Extraction,

Indexing and similarity measure

4. Text Document Indexing and retrieval
teaching hours: 5 hrs

Automatic text document indexing and Boolean Retrieval model, Vector space retrieval model,

probabilistic model and cluster-based retrieval model, Nontraditional IR methods, Performance

measurement, WWW search engines

5. Indexing and retrieval of audio
teaching hours: 2 hrs

Audio properties and classification, Speech recognition and retrieval, Music indexing and


6. Image Indexing and retrieval
teaching hours: 5 hrs

Colour –based image indexing and retrieval techniques, Image retrieval based on shape, on

texture, Compressed image data, integrated image indexing

7. Multimedia Indexing and retrieval
teaching hours: 5 hrs

Video shot detection or segmentation, video indexing and retrieval, Video representation and

abstraction, Architecture of multimedia Information Management, user interface with example

8. Techniques and data structures for efficient multimedia similarity search
teaching hours: 5 hrs

Filter process, B+ and B trees, Clustering, Multidimensional B+ tree, K-d trees, Grid files, Tree


9. System support for distributed multimedia databases
teaching hours: 5 hrs

QoS management, Design goals, Data storage devices and management, Data placement on

disks, Disk scheduling and admission control, Server configuration and network connection

10. Multimedia computer architectures and operating system
teaching hours: 4 hrs

Process architectures, Computer architectures, Design issues of MOS, QoS support, Multimedia

networks, Transport protocols, Synchronous presentation

11. Measurement of multimedia information retrieval effectiveness
teaching hours: 3 hrs

Human Judgment data, Recall and precision pari, Percentage of Weighted Hits, Similarity

Ranking, Factors affecting retrieval effectiveness

12. Products, application and new development
teaching hours: 3 hrs

Multimedia search engine, Digital libraries, Video –on-demand, Multimedia security, MPEG-7,

Multimedia database applications

Lab and Practical works

Laboratory work:

There should be labs related to Multimedia Database