This page contains Syllabus of Internship of CSIT.

Title Internship
Short Name
Course code CSC452
Nature of course Project
Semester eighth-semester
Full marks 200
Pass marks 80
Credit Hrs 6
Elective/Compulsary Compulsary

Course Description

Course Synopsis

The students are required to complete a six credit (minimum ten weeks/180 hour long) internship

as a part of the course requirement. Industry is a crucial requirement of the Internship course and

this will have to be secured before getting started with the course. The work that the students

perform during the Internship will have to be supervised by the faculty members as well as by

representatives from the participating Industries. The internship experience is expected to enable

the students to assist in the resolution of complex problem associated with Database systems.

At the end of the Internship, the student(s) are required to write a report on their internship work.

Such a report needs to be structured according to the prescribed format. The Report forms a

major aspect of the evaluation of the Internship work.


Main goal is to assist students in focusing their interests, thus aiding in their professional carrier.

It gives students the opportunity to re-examine their career objectives and explore the variety of

opportunities in the field of computer networking.

Units and Unit Content

Lab and Practical works