This page contains Syllabus of Project Work of CSIT.

Title Project Work
Short Name
Course code CSC404
Nature of course Project
Semester seventh-semester
Full marks 100
Pass marks 40
Credit Hrs 3
Elective/Compulsary Compulsary

Course Description

Course Synopsis:

This course introduces students to the practical environment. Special focus

will be given in enabling students with the skills pertaining to the analysis,

design, and development, installation, testing and servicing a corporate

organization. The course has a practical approach to building real application.

Goal: To develop the skills associated with analysis design and development of meaningful and

efficient real world application

Units and Unit Content

Lab and Practical works

 Evaluation of Project Work:

  Internal Evaluation (At the mid of project work by supervisor, HOD/coordinator)

  Final Evaluation with External (At the end of the project by External, Internal and Supervisor).

Marks Allocation

Supervison : 60

Internal : 20

External : 20

Total : 100